Media Application Form

Thanks for your interest in applying for Media Accreditation for Mudtopia Festival 2017. Please complete all questions below numbered 1 – 7 in full.
Please note the following terms and conditions and be aware that media passes are limited and distributed at the organiser’s complete discretion. Only individuals representing a media outlet or influencers with a significant following in the eyes of the organiser will be provided media accreditation.

Only one reviewer ticket and where appropriate, one photographer pass will be allocated to approved outlets

If you are wanting to film at the event (either performances or artist interviews), you need to email us these details by FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER. We will not accommodate last minute requests for filming.

Priority is granted to media partners and key media that are broadcasting from the event and/or needing access to the media centre for uploading of content during the festival.

With access to the photo pit front of stage for the Saturday PM Concert at a premium, photographer accreditation for this particular zone is restricted to media partners and network news media photographers and TV crews only.

Artist interviews are limited and again at the discretion of the organisers with priority given to media partners and network news media outlets. Artist interview applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday 1 November 2017.

Media accreditation is limited due to space and resources, with priority given to media partners and key music, news and broadcast media.

Media companies that would like accreditations should fulfil the following conditions:

  • Commit to provide pre and post event coverage of Mudtopia 2017
  • Supply copy of pre festival coverage to R&V in a DVD/audio /pdf format by 20 November 2017 (email or post to Event Engine Ltd, PO Box 605, Orewa, Auckland)
  • Supply copy of post festival coverage by 20 December 2017 (email or post to Event Engine Ltd, PO Box 605, Orewa, Auckland)

Press accreditations will be issued using the full name and surname of the journalist and they will not be transferable from one person to another.

Accredited media will receive their accreditation upon arrival at the accreditation tent, Gate 2, Arawa Park.
Accreditation closes Monday 20 November 2017. Applications beyond this date will not be considered for Mudtopia Festival 2017.

1. What is your full name?

2. What is the name of the media outlet you represent?

3. What is your Email, Mobile number and Address?

4. What City or Region are you located

5. Describe the following about the Media Outlet you represent

6. How do you propose to cover Mudtopia Festival:

7. What are your requirements: